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Have Fun With Visitorville.com Web Site Tracking Analytics Software! Save 10% On Visitorville When You Use Coupon Code "Superstar"

You know web analytics is critical to your business success & now you can bring those stats to life with Visitorville! Visit www.Visitorville.com today!

Clicks, conversion rates, click stream paths, page views, visits, visitors and "hits" are all probably all included in your web analytics software package. If you're lucky you get some stats you can use, some boring tables and maybe even some fancy looking graphs. What if you could bring those stats to life and actually watch the activity on your web site?

You could see people come in the front door, watch them navigate through your site(s), fill up their shopping carts and checkout. Not only would it make web analytics more fun and interesting but it would help your employees (and maybe your top execs) understand what all those stats really mean. You'll be able to see your web site visitors in 3D.

You'll be able to segment your visitors and watch consumers from Google AdWords, Yahoo!, MSN and other traffic sources enjoy your web site!

While Visitorville is somewhat of a novelty, it counts Amtrak & Halliburton as clients and provides top notch analytics as it brings traditionally boring numbers and stats to life. Top features of Visitorville include:

  • Click Analyzer - Enables you to track your visitors from the time they enter your site till they proceed through the checkout process.
  • Visitorville VCR - Enables you to "record your traffic" just like you'd record a television show on a VCR and play it back any time you want.
  • Search Engine Reports - Find out how successful your Yahoo!, Google, MSN and Ask.com campaigns are. See the difference between SEO and paid search traffic & use Visitorville web anaylitics to optimize your search engine advertising campaigns.
  • Visitorville Voice - In addition to graphically displaying the activity on your web site, Visitorville has an audio component that you can set to report on any number of different metrics as they happen in real time.
  • Spider Analysis - Segment spider traffic from real human traffic and see which bots are crawling your site, when they visit, how deep and how often they crawl your site.
  • Visitor "Passports" - View up to 24 detailed stats about each individual visitor on your web site

If you've ever used ClickTracks, you know what a giant leap forward it was over basic and traditional web analytics programs like WebTrends when it first came out.

Just as ClickTracks was when it first came out, Visitorville is a massive leap forward in web analytics that is a fantastic learning tool and makes web analytics fun and easy while delivering the business critical information you need to run your business.

Save 10% on VisitorVille when you use coupon code "superstar" when you order today.

You can buy Visitorville as a one-time software purchase or if you prefer the ASP model there are packages that start at $14.99 per month depending on the number of daily unique visitors your site receives. Have fun with your web analytics and give Visitorville a try today!



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