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High End Web Analytics and Email Marketing Tracking Software

Are you tired of using a whole bunch of incompatible web analytics, email management, ad tracking, and log analysis programs to piece together activity on your website, track your advertising, or email marketing campaigns?

There are mind boggling web analytics tools out there!

#1 Pick Manticore Technology

The folks at Manticore have come up with a phenomenal integrated web analytics and email marketing tracking system. With Manticore you can:

  • Integrate tracking of email marketing campaigns and web analytics
  • Build visitor profiles of every visitor that include every visit, every email communication, and the response to every email sent out
  • Track the entire sales process with personally identifiable information down to the page view
  • Use your web analytics tool to manage and send your email marketing campaigns
  • Access all your reporting in one place

If you use Manticore you may need to alter your privacy policy because it does collect personally identifiable information if you choose to utilize certain features. The email tracking feature offers a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that facilitates tracking of all email communications and integrates them with all user actions on your website.

If you need a tool for a specific task such as managing an email marketing campaign, tracking web stats or analyzing visitor behavior in aggregate Manticore may not be for you, however, if you want an all in one tool, nothing comes close to Manticore Technology. Visit the Manticore Technology website for more information.

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