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Internet Marketing Copywriting - Persuade the Search Engines and Your Visitors to Take Action

Have you ever looked into hiring an online marketing firm and been totally confused by their website? It happens all the time. Maybe you've researched something on the Internet and been overwhelmed by the techno jargon. Obviously the site wasn't written for you. It didn't speak your language. It didn't talk to you; it didn't address your needs. At minimum, the site lost a visitor, maybe a sale, possibly a future stream of referrals from you. It was written by somebody who assumes you have the same level of expertise.

Online Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Site

Online copywriting is vital to the success of every online business including yours. You know that. It's obvious. When your copy is written in the language your customers use, you help them find your site through search engines and your site makes more sense to them. When they understand what you say they are much more likely to trust you, return to your site and buy from you. Online copywriting is critical to the success of your business. It helps you generate search engine referrals and helps to persuade your visitors to take the actions you want them to take.

Online copywriting is much different from off-line copywriting. Completely different. In the off-line world most of your advertising and marketing messages are broadcast to the audience, most of whom are not looking for your message. Off-line ads interrupt what your activities and vie for your attention (kinda like banners, pop-ups and "rich media" annoyances that have begun to invade the online space). When you focus on keyword marketing through search engine optimization or pay per click programs, you put your message in front of your target audience at the very moment they are looking for it.

When it comes to search engines, keywords are everything. No keywords, no search engine traffic. It's that simple. Naturally, you can't completely bow down to the search engines and completely fill your pages with keywords. You might get lots of referrals but no one would be able to make sense of your pages.

Online copywriting must serve two complimentary audiences.

Search engines and your customers. Search engines are persuaded to award top rankings to sites that make effective use of keywords. Your customers will be able to find your site through search engines when your site attains top rankings for highly targeted keywords. If those keywords are relevant to the content of your site your visitors will remain on your site. The right words will provide them with the visual cues needed to quickly and easily navigate your site and take the actions you want them to take.

Once you've attracted that visitor, you'll need to persuade them to take action. You'll need to make it easy. You'll need to provide information the keyword search may indicate they were looking for. You'll also need to answer the following questions your visitors will ask themselves.

  • Why should they listen to you?
  • Why should they trust you?
  • Why should they buy from you?
  • Will they feel good about doing business with you?
  • Will you respect their privacy?
  • Will you stand by them if problems arise?
  • Where is the information they need to make an educated decision?

You want me to answer all those questions and include keywords?

Do you really want to succeed? If you do, and who wouldn't, then you'll need to adapt your writing style. If you searched for something related to Internet marketing or online copywriting and entered the site on this page, you've seen first hand the value and importance of online copywriting and how the right words in web page copy can attract targeted traffic from search engines.

Want the same thing to happen when people use search engines to look for what your site offers? Review the keyword research section to determine keywords to target and combine that with keyword optimization where you will learn about all the different web page elements you can optimize to help increase your rankings.

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