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Web Log Analysis Software Packages

Log analysis software was one of the first types of web analytics software developed and widely used by many sites. Most web site stats packages based on log files are good at showing trends. They give you a good idea of what is going on on your site but are not as accurate as script based tools that use cookies to track visitors. They are, however, generally inexpensive and easy to use and install.

Popular web log analysis tools include:

#1 Pick ClickTracks

ClickTracks is a relatively new entrant in the log analysis market. Unlike many log analysis tools, ClickTracks claims to be able to be able to identify the most popular links within your website, measure and show how visitors navigate utilize individual web pages. To learn more about this advanced new log analysis tool, go visit the ClickTracks website now, or continue reading about the benefits of ClickTracks here.

Fast Stats From Mach 5 Software

Fast Stats from Mach 5 is an inexpensive log analysis package and has been popular among power users for quite some time. Fast Stats most compelling feature is it speed in cranking through huge log files. In addition to speed there are a number of customizable filters designed to help you dig down to get the information that really matters to you. Go take a tour of Fast Stats features on the Mach 5 web or if you are ready to give a try, go download this log analysis program now.


123 LogAnalyzer is another professional grade log analysis tool at a reasonable price which is available for download or on CD by mail order. Prices range from $149.95 for a corporate 10 user license that will analyze log file data from up to 50 domains to $699.96 for an unlimited user license that will also analyze log files from up to domains. For more on 123LogAnalyzer download a free 60 day trial version.

Log analysis tools have limitations

They are based on log files which may not capture all behavior on your website due in part to caching. Log analysis tool are great at picking up trends in visitor behavior, but if you really want to get more precise data you may have more success with script based analytics tools which tend to be more expensive, particularly for sites with hundreds of thousands or millions of page views. We do however recommend ClickTracks. Its speed and unique capabilities make it a best buy at $495.00.


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