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Search Engine Marketing ROI Tracking and Analysis Services

Sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles of a full featured web analytics tool. Now that the search engine optimization and marketing campaigns are accounting for an increasingly large percentage of online marketing budgets it is necessary to be able to track the return on investment easily and accurately. Most any tool log analysis or web analytics tool will tell you how many search engine referrals your site received but not what actions they took on your site. There are a few specialty vendors that fill the void.

Specialty Search Engine Marketing and SEO ROI Tracking Services


Traceworks enables you to track the ROI associated with all your search engine referrals including pay per click advertising listings, Trusted Feed Programs, and editorial (unpaid) search engine listings such as those provided by the number 1 search engine on the net, Google. Traceworks offers a few different packages that start at $65.00 per month (price as of March 03') for tracking of up to 2000 search engine referrals. Unlike some web analytics services Traceworks only charges for search engine referrals and conversion events, typically anywhere from $.01 to $.05 per action, depending on volume and the package selected. Go to the Traceworks site and sign up for a 14 day free trial or read more about Traceworks on the Traceworks page here.


HitsLink provides tracking for your search engine marketing campaigns as well as a host of other website statistics. Monthly prices begin at only $9.95 per month and increase based on the number of page views your site get per month. HitsLink is a script based tracking system that is a snap to setup. HitsLink tracks visitor paths, sales, the time from initial visit to conversion, the time for subsequent conversions to take place and many other key statistics.

HitsLink is one of the least expensive search engine tracking tools available and is loaded with tracking capabilities normally included in much more expensive tracking services. Proceed to the HitsLink website and signup for a free 30 day trial which includes up to 20,000 hits (as of March 03') or read the page here with more information about this search engine and web analytics service.

WebTracker from Visitracker

WebTracker is a combined pay per click advertising/search engine optimization tracking tool. WebTracker offers a wide variety of report that enable you to collect standard statistics and more useful detailed information including user paths, visitor profiling, entry and exit points, hyper link and form tracking. WebTracker claims to track 80 US and international search engines. Traceworks appears to track more, however, it appears that WebTracker provides much more overall business intelligence information you can actually act on. Pricing information does not appear to be available on the site. Visit the Visitracker website for more information.


ClickLab is billed an an online advertising tracking service. It has the ability to track both paid advertising and regular search engine referrals through to conversion. ClickLab is a script based tracking tool which means setup will be quick and easy if you have a common header, footer, or include file built in to your page templates.

ClickLab enables you to track both incoming and outgoing links so you can identify the most popular outgoing links on your site. (Tracking of outgoing links is something not typically found in all tracking services) There are a variety of reports available for download in common file formats. Multiple access account can be configured for a variety of different user needs.

Like most analytics tools profiled here, ClickLab offers a free 14 day trial that includes up to 50,000 actions, an action being a page view or a click from a link to your site. If you continue past the trial period, the cost is $29.95 per month (as of March 2003) for up to 10,000 actions and between $0.75 and $1.50 per 1000 actions, depending on the prepayment level chosen. Visit the ClickLab website for more information.

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