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Pay Per Click Bid Management Software and Services

You know the importance of pay per click search engines. If you are currently running pay per click advertising campaigns on search engine like Overture, FindWhat or eSpotting you know how time consuming it can be to monitor and maintain all your bids. Lucky for you there are a number of pay per click management companies that will monitor your bids, help get your listings in place faster and track your ROI. Some of the top services include:

#1 Pick KeywordMax Pay Per Click Management Services

Despite the fact that Atlas OnePoint is part of aQuantive, is a public company, has much more funding and is part of the Atlas/Razorfish online marketing giant, KeyWordMax is far and away the best choice for the small to medium sized business looking to manage their pay per click search engine advertising programs.

First and foremost the system works, the sales people accurately represent their products, and the pricing model is much more palatable than using Atlas OnePoint. The KeywordMax system offers:

  • ROI tracking
  • Rules based bid management that works
  • A very intuitive reporting interface
  • Click Fraud Detection
  • The ability to track all web site traffic
  • The ability to track any kind of online advertising campaign.

Keyword Max is easy to use and it works! (which is relatively amazing in this arena where sales reps promise the world and many products simply don't deliver) What more could you want in this area of online marketing?

Read the full KeywordMax review here at Keyword Marketing Superstar or hop on over to the KeywordMax web site and try it for yourself. There is no free trial but if you are a small to medium sized company, this is the solution you should use, bar none. It's also a great tool for agencies and search engine marketing consultants looking for one tool to use to manage their clients' PPC campaigns.

Atlas OnePoint (formerly GoToast) Pay Per Click Management Services

Atlas OnePoint is one of the original pay per click management companies and has acquired numerous smaller companies over the last few years, further enhancing their service offerings. Atlas OnePoint is an Overture approved bid management service and works with virtually every other pay per click search engine you'd ever care to advertise on.

With Atlas One Point (formerly GoToast) you'll be able to manage your pay per click search engine advertising campaigns in a variety of different engines and use rules based bidding. Visit the GoToast site and sign up for a free 14 day trial, or stay on this site and read more about this outstanding pay per click management tool.

No matter how large your pay per click advertising campaign, GoToast is the one company that can manage it, help you cut your advertising expenditures, save you time, and help you sleep at night knowing your campaign is under control. Learn more on the Keyword Marketing Superstar Atlas OnePoint (formerly GoToast) Review page or go visit the Atlas OnePoint website to sign up for a free 14-day trial.



BidRank was one of the first pay per click bid management software programs on the market. BidRank is a one-time software purchase, not a service that you have to pay for month after month. BidRank is best used for bid management on Overture pay per click campaigns though some versions of the software can manage campaigns on other pay per click engines like FindWhat.

With BidRank, you input how much you are willing to pay for a particular search term, your desired ranking and BidRank applies the rules you set to your campaign to maintain the rankings you desire. The software requires a dedicated Internet connection. BidRank is capable of managing up to 5,000 keywords, which is more than enough for most pay per click campaigns on Overture.

BidRank is one of the easiest pay per click bid management applications to use. If you'd like to try before you buy, a 15-day fully functional version is offered for download. You can test it for 15 days on up to 50 keywords. The BidRank software does not track conversions or automatically adjust bids based on the ROI associated with specific keywords.

In addition to BidRank software, the company also offers paid inclusion services and has partnered with Overture to offer BidRank analytics, an ROI tracking service to compliment bid management services. Visit the BidRank website to learn more about this pay per click bid management software.


Conversion Logic™

Conversion Logic is a relatively new entrant into the pay per click and organic search engine ROI tracking arena. Conversion logic is software you buy not a service you have to continually pay for month after month. As of October 4, 2003 the introductory price is a very competitive $299.00.

Conversion Logic enables you to identify and track conversion events on your website including sales, leads, newsletter signups, and requests for more information about products or services by adding a small code to your confirmation page.

In addition to simply tracking leads and sales by keyword and search enigne, Conversion Logic provides some features to help you manage and update your paid search listings on engines like Overture, FindWhat and Google AdWords.

You have the ability to customize your own reports, delete data that is no longer needed (to save space on your server) and try a 15-day demo hosted on the servers of Conversion Logic.

Unlike many other ROI tracking and analytics software and services, there is an online demo with real data from a real site that you can access yourself. If you are looking for an inexpensive software solution to track the ROI of your search engine marketing campaigns hop on over to Conversion Logic try the demo and if you like it try the 15-day trial version on your own site.


PPC Management

PPC Management offers a pay per click management software that can be licensed by the month or purchased for a one time fee. The software is compatible on US and international versions of Overture as well as FindWhat, Kanoodle, and Ah-ha. If the features and performance are comparable to other services, this one time software purchase may prove to be a much less expensive option.

Learn more, visit the PPC Management website.



PointIt appears to be a new pay per click management company that offers copywriting, keyword research, campaign tracking, and campaign reporting.

In addition to pay per click management services, PointIt offers search engine copywriting, keyword development, and campaign reporting.


PPC BidTracker

PPC BidTracker is another pay per click management service. PPC BidTracker offers two different tools. The first is the Overtool which is designed to manage PPC campaigns on Overture and Overture UK.

The second tool is called the PPC Tool. The latter handles pay per click management on FindWhat, eSpotting UK, Kanoodle, Sprinks, Ah-ha, and Epilot. It seems like it would make more sense to put the European pay per click search engines in one offering and US per per click engines in the other. Who knows, maybe that in the works. You can check out the pay per click management services on the PPC BidTracker website.


Traffic ROI

Traffic Patrol is a pay per click bid management service offered by Traffic ROI. Key benefits include bid optimization to save you advertising dollars, automatic positioning to keep your bids ahead of your competitors as well as centralized bid management.



Traceworks provides reporting for both free search engine referrals and pay per click advertising campaigns. The Traceworks system does not, however, provide any bid management services for any pay per click search engines.


Keyword Max

Keyword Max is another pay per click campaign management company. Keyword Max offers a free 14 day trial.


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