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ClickTracks - Affordable web analytics for pay per click advertising tracking and usability testing.

As a relatively new entrant into the web analytics market, ClickTracks blows other similar analysis packages out of the water. It recently won the ClickZ marketing award for best analytics tool and is hands down a much better log analysis tool than WebTrends which is often chosen by companies "because everybody else is using it".

Web Analytics is About Achieving Business Objectives NOT Technology

Most log analysis tools simply spit out statistics. ClickTracks shows you on your screen as you browse your own site how your visitors used your site. The usual statistics tables are available if you prefer those but if log file data is a mystery to you, ClickTracks makes it easy for you.

ClickTracks can help you answer the following business questions:

  • How do people navigate my site?
  • What sources of traffic produce the most sales?
  • What keywords product the best ROI?
  • What search engines provide the best quality traffic?
  • What landing pages work best for achieving my business goals?
  • What characteristics are common among my customers?

Key benefits of ClickTracks include:

  • Incredible Speed - ClickTracks crunches through huge log files faster than most any other log analysis tool. It will save you time, lots of it.
  • Fast, Easy Installation - Get up and running in as little as 10 minutes
  • Automatic .PDF Report Generation - Quickly generate intuitive easy to understand reports on your website performance.
  • Visitor Segmentation - Want to know how visitors from a specific pay per click campaign (or any other campaign) navigated your site and what actions they took? ClickTracks will SHOW you.
  • Website Navigation Analysis - You built a website to achieve business objectives didn't you? ClickTracks will show you how people navigate your site and enable you to test different designs and page layouts to continually improve your conversion rates.
  • Conversion Analysis - ClickTracks helps you get to know your customers. What paths did they take through the site? What keywords did they use to find the site? What search engines did they come from? Where did they enter the site? ClickTracks will show you.
  • Extremely Low Cost - ClickTracks Analyzer is a onetime investment of $495.00. Shop around, you won't find this functionality anywhere else at any price close to this.

Prefer an Analytics Service Instead of Software?

If you prefer not to mess with log analysis, ClickTracks offers hosted services, enterprise versions and packages for ISPs. At Keyword Marketing Superstar we've tested ClickTracks and found there is no better log analysis tool for the money, bar none. Installation is fast and easy. You don't have to make any changes to your website to use ClickTracks and you don't have to change the setup of your pay per click campaigns to analyze them.

Try a Free Download Today!

ClickTracks offers a free download you can test on 7 days of log files. For more information visit the ClickTracks website, download the free trial, and decide for yourself if you should invest in ClickTracks.

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