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Powerful, Inexpensive Web Analytics Software and Services

When it comes to web analytics software and services, low cost doesn't mean inferior. There are some surpisingly powerful web analytics services that won't break the bank. They are surprisingly easy to setup, often provide online reporting and begin at about $30.00 per month. Most every service offers a free trial so you can test a few systems before making an investment.


ClickLab is the perfect web analytics tool for the small business looking for a comprehensive yet relatively inexpensive way to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns and search engine referrals. ClickLab offers conversion tracking by keyword and referral source that will enable you to refine your marketing campaign over time, increase your return on investment, and make your company more profitable. With monthly fees beginning at only $29.95 per month for up to 10,000 page views and significant pre paid volume discounts, ClickLab is a service you've got to seriously consider. Visit the ClickLab site for more information, register for a free 2 week trial, or read more about this outstanding, inexpensive web analytics package.



If you run pay per click advertising campaigns you want to know if you are making money right? You want to know what search terms are generating sales, leads, page views, or other desirable conversion events. IndexTools will provide you with detailed reporting on precisely how your pay per click campaigns are performing.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. IndexTools also allows you to track email campaigns, affiliate programs, and provides all kinds of specialized reports that help you determine precisely how people use your site.

IndexTools offers a number of packages with pricing starting between $9.95/month for the Professional Version and $49.95/month for the eBusiness version. Like most analytics vendors, IndexTools offers a no obligation free trial that includes up to 20,000 page views.

Since IndexTools is an outsorced service, pricing is based on page views. The packages above include between 20,000 and 50,000 page views. Additional page views result in additional charges as is the case with most scipt tracking services.

You can try the IndexTools traffic analysis service for free, Check out the IndexTools website for more information on free trails and a full overview of tracking capabilities.

IndexTools is one service definately worth a try. If you have a large site with hundreds of thousands of page views it may get expensive. If the projection cost based on your page views is to expensive you might want to move up to a deluxe web analytics package at a similar price point or consider a log analysis package that doesn't provide the same level of reporting or convenience but is substantially less expensive.


Conversion Ruler

Conversion Ruler is a new entrant in the web analytics arena. It is designed to measure the performance of online advertising campaigns. In order to track conversions, you must be able to control the incoming URL. It will therefore not track regular search engine referrals but will track pay per click campaigns on Overture and other pay per click search engines, Google AdWords, LookSmart Listings, and Trusted Feed Programs. Conversion Ruler offers two different ad tracking packages and an email tracking system.

Conversion Ruler Standard offers the ability to measure click throughs from any number of different ad placements, search engines or keywords. In addition to tracking clicks, Converion Ruler enables you to track up to 3 conversion events associated with your incoming ad placements. Pricing starts at $44.95 per month for up to 15,000 actions.

Converion Ruler Pro offer the same features as the standard version but allows you to track up to 99 conversion events instead of only 3. Pricing starts at $64.99.

Conversion Ruler Email Tracking is a good, albeit basic email tracking system that enables email marketers to track the number of click throughs from email messages and measure up to two conversion events associated with each email campaign.


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