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GoToast / Atlas One Point Pay Per Click Keyword Bid Management and ROI Conversion Tracking Service Summary

Save time and make more money with GoToast. (Now Atlas OnePoint) When it comes to managing pay per click search engine marketing campaigns and monitoring, measuring, and improving the ROI of your search engine marketing campaigns few companies come close to the capabilities of GoToast.

GoToast / Altas One Point will help you with the following:

Pay Per Click Bid Management

The search engine marketing arena is red hot. If you are not advertising on Overture, Google AdWords, and other pay per click search engines like Kanoodle and Ah-ha you are probably losing business. The pay per click marketplace moves at the speed of light.

Bids change constantly, your rankings drop, your traffic drops, your sales drop, you've got better things to do with your time than to keep logging in to Overture and Google AdWords to check and update your bids constantly. Sound familiar?

When you use GoToast, it still takes a little work. You determine your maximum bids, your desired positions, and how often you want to check and update your bids. If you have better things to do than change bid prices, let the GoToast BidManager do the work for you. Save time and keep your sanity.

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Search Engine ROI Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Its great to manage your bids but when push comes to shove; you want to know the bottom line. Your goal is to make money not generate sales, but profitable sales. You probably want to know:

  • Is your investment in pay per click advertising paying off?
  • Are you making money?
  • What keywords are generating sales?
  • What keywords and search engines are generating profitable sales?

The GoToast ProfitBuilder will tell you. Simply install some tracking scripts on your site and for a minimal investment you'll be able to begin answering the above questions. Whether it's a small business you're running or you're charged with search engine marketing for one of the FORTUNE 500, ROI tracking may save you thousands and help you make more money. With the GoToast ProfitBuilder module you'll be able to make smart marketing investments and eliminate duds.

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Management of Your Pay Per Click Listings

As if bid management and ROI tracking weren't enough to deal with you also have to deal with the actual listings, the titles, descriptions, click through URLs, and display URLs. Logging into each pay per click search engine to update your listings can be a real time sink. GoToast provides centralized management of all your search engine listings, saving you more time and effort. You'll still have to write your listings, however, centralized management is a godsend. The GoToast MasterList feature is the answer here.

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Trusted Feed and Shopping Engine Data Feeds

Shopping engines like DealTime and BizRate are gaining popularity as are Trusted Feed programs offered by Inktomi, AskJeeves, AltaVista, and FAST. They are often very cost effective marketing vehicles. Both Trusted Feed programs and shopping engines require data feeds to be generated. The GoToast Intellidex module can help get you up and running in these search engine marketing programs.

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Online Advertising Campaign Management

There is more to online marketing than pay per click search engines, shopping engines, and Trusted Feed Programs. There are other types of media (banner advertising for example) and other kinds of buys. Banner buys are typically sold on a cost per thousand impressions and some search engines offer pay for inclusion programs. The GoToast AdNetwork program can help you take advantage of opportunities outside the pay per click search engine market.

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How much time and money could these services save you?

Your time is valuable. Manually managing pay per click search engine advertising can be a real drag, especially when you have to try to guestimate your marketing ROI with spreadsheets, manage your bids, login to update your listings all the time, and look for new opportunities.

GoToast / Atlas OnePoint offers a 14-day free trial with no obligation to continue past the trial period. Take a load off your back, give it a whirl, and see how much easier pay per click management can be. Visit the GoToast / Atlas OnePoint site for more information.

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