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Inexpensive web analytics packages - Under $500.00 per year.

Web analytics doesn't have to cost a lot

There are quite a few inexpensive log analysis and script based packages that will provide you with outstanding functionality and deliver actionable data that will help you make marketing, design, and website optimization decisions.

#1 Pick ClickTracks

Our top pick in the budget web analytics category is ClickTracks. ClickTracks is a phenomenal solution for web analytics for marketing, web design, and usability professionals.

Click Tracks analysis uses log files to analyze your website traffic. Unlike WebTrends which provides general statistics highlighting top referrers, search engine referrals and keywords, ClickTracks provides a visual representation of how people actually navigate your website. Would you like to isolate only those visitors that registered for a newsletter, requested a sales contact or made a purchase on your website?

You can do all this in a snap! It's fast, it's easy and at $495.00 for a one time purchase you won't find this functionality anywhere else at a price anywhere close to this. ClickTracks will enable you to:

  • Determine what sources of traffic are most valuable
  • Test different landing pages and easily see the actions visitors take
  • Track post click behavior without messy tracking scripts
  • Export screen shots in PDF formats
  • View all the summary statistics found in most other log analysis packages

ClickTracks offers a free download limited to analyzing 7 days worth of log files and without the PDF export format. ClickTracks is lightning fast, easy to setup, and gives you more information about your website visitor than many packages costing several times the $495.00 one time purchase price. An enterprise and an ASP version are now available. Visit the ClickTracks site and download the free demo version today or read the ClickTracks review at Keyword Marketing Superstar.

HitBox Professional

HitBox Professional is a script based web analytics service that will provide you with summary statistics similar to those provided by WebTrends Analyzer. HitBox enables you to drill down deep into your website stats. It shows all the standard summary statistics with excellent user path tracking. Setup is a snap and requires only the addition of a small script to each page of your website.

HitBox Professional provides easily accessible online reporting as well as the ability to export reports for inclusion in print reports. HitBox Professional starts at $34.95 per month for up to 50,000 page views and charges a nominal fee for each additional 1000 page views.

NetTracker Pro from Sane Solutions

NetTracker Pro is an excellent log file based traffic analysis software at a very affordable price. NetTracker 6.0 Professional is the same price as ClickTracks, but the two are very different software programs.

NetTracker in our opinion is a better option than WebTrends analyzer and provides more detailed information as well as the ability to drill down beyond the summary statistics provided by most log analysis programs.

The NetTracker interface is excellent, intuitive, and easy to use, again better and more useful than comparable products by WebTrends. To learn more about NetTracker, visit the NetTracker section of the Sane Solutions website. At $495.00 NetTracker is a best buy in the budget analytics category.

WebTrends Live and Log Analyzer

WebTrends Live and the Log Analyzer are both from NetIQ, probably the most well known web analytics software and service company on the net today. WebTrends makes great products and could almost be considered a standard. Lots of people use WebTrends because "everybody else is using it". It may however not be the best solution for your needs. WebTrends Live is comparable to HitBox Professional and the LogAnalyzer is comparable to NetTracker from Sane Solutions.

Log Analyzer is a $499.00 one time purchase, however, we prefer NetTracker to LogAnalyzer. WebTrends Live is similar to HitBox and the two are likely to be very comparable script based tracking systems WebTrends appears to be in the process of updating their website at the moment, and pricing information for WebTrends live does not appear to be available presently.



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