Make More Money, Increase Your Reach and Expand Your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns to Microsoft AdCenter PPC Search Engine Advertising

Want to expand your search engine advertising campaigns, make more money and reach more NEW customers? Open an MSN Search Engine Advertising AdCenter Account today! Save $50 when you use any link on this page!

For what seems like an eternity, Yahoo! & Google were the only search engine advertising programs in town. By now you are probably a veteran of search engine advertising, you've honed your skills, you know how much money you can make from search & you want to make even more.

Though Microsoft got a late start in the search game, the race with Google & Yahoo! is now on!

If you can run a campaign on Google, then you'll warm right up to the MSN AdCenter Platform. You've got the standard match types you're used to and through user data collected via HotMail & other MSN properties, MSN is building out the capability to overlay demographics on top of search data. With demographic data, not only can you target consumers looking for specific things (keywords), you can target people searching for specific keywords with incomes and other attributes that indicate they are in your target market! As these targeting options continue to roll out, your search campaigns should become even more profitable!

Concerned about MSN rolling out a content network that will send you a bunch of junk traffic? - Don't be!

When the Google content network first rolled out and your campaigns were opted in to it, there is a good chance your Google advertising bill went way up while your sales numbers stayed pretty flat. Maybe you had the same experience with Yahoo!

So far, MSN has resisted the temptation to build out a content network designed to generate revenue for them without regard for your business results. MSN ads show only on MSN properties which means higher quality traffic and better business results for you. Should this policy change you can be sure they will be skewered in the media and Internet marketing forums around the web. So far they've focused on sending quality traffic.

How much traffic & sales will you see from anMSN AdCenter PPC Campaign?

It depends on your market and can vary greatly from industry to industry and site to site. If you are running on Google, Yahoo!, MSN & PPC Search Programs, you'll typically receive about 10% of your PPC search traffic and sales from MSN. This may go as high as 30% and could be less than 10% depending on your market and the demographics of your customer base. If you're up on Google and Yahoo!, take those same campaigns and expand your PPC search campaign to MSN.

How do you maximize revenue from MSN AdCenter?

  1. Take advantage of the match types and targeting options available on MSN, Many marketers don't realize it or even think about it but the same keyword on exact, phrase and broad match are very different ad units and will often each generate a dramatically different ROI
  2. Track your results - Use an analytics program like ClickTracks, VisitorVille, Omniture or a PPC management tool like KeyWordMax to track and adjust your bids based on your campaign goals - ROI, Cost Per Lead, Email addresses collected, newsletter signups or other HVTs - High Value Tasks that will eventually lead to more money for your business.
  3. Set your daily budgets in accordance with your results. In PPC search engine advertising, you need to budget based on the return you get. Many campaigns will reach a "sweet spot" where at a given CPC (Cost Per Click), they will continuously make money. When you find that sweet spot, you should have no budget cap!
  4. Use the same keywords you use on other PPC search engine advertising programs and mine you organic traffic data for additional keywords to add to your campaign.
  5. Start your campaign with aggressive bids so you can see how the traffic converts. Once you collect some data, maintain aggressive bids or adjust them downward based on the results you see.
  6. Take advantage of the Microsoft AdCenter $50 in Free PPC Credits when you open a new campaign to save some $$$ when you first try out MSN search!

Now that you know the basics of Microsoft Search Engine Advertising, hop on over to MSN AdCenter, setup an account and start making more money for your business today!

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