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Introduction to Keyword Wireframing

A keyword wire frame is an outline of the structure of a website that shows the relationships between keywords.

A website will generally have one main topic and several sub topics. The main topic of the site discussed in the keyword marketing strategy example would be ski vacations, ski trips, and/or ski packages. Sub topics would include Colorado ski vacations, Utah ski vacations, and Lake Tahoe ski vacations. One would expect to find even more specific sub topics under Colorado, Utah or Lake Tahoe. The most specific pages of the site would deal with specific packages at specific resorts.

In the world of search engine optimization and keyword marketing, these topics and subtopics are often referred to as themes. Search Engine World has an excellent example of a theme pyramid on which you can model your website.

When you create your site, the structure of the information is likely to take the form of a pyramid. General information and broad keyword reside at the top of the pyramid (your homepage). As your visitor clicks on successive links and progresses deeper into the site, the information will get more specific.

SmartDraw makes an excellent tool for creating your keyword wire frame on a computer, however, simple note cards can be used to eliminate the confines of the computer screen and enable you to make quick easy changes to your wire frame. Simply write each keyword on a separate note card and organize them into a pyramid that represents the structure of your website. Once everything is mapped out, transfer your note card layout to a large poster board so you can easily visualize how your site will be structured. Sleep on it for a night or a week and then look at it again with fresh eyes. When you look at it again answer the following questions:

Does your keyword outline make sense to you?

In the quest for top search engine keyword rankings, it's easy to try to please the search engines too much. Top search engine rankings are essential but they will do you no good whatsoever if your site doesn't make sense to your visitors. Do a reality check; make sure you haven't fallen into this trap.

Show it to other people, does it make sense to them?

It's easy to fall in love with your own creation. A second, or third opinion is always welcome, even necessary. Show your wire frame to someone familiar with the topic of your site. Get feedback, listen and be prepared to make some changes based on the feedback you receive.

Does it reflect the way people buy what you are selling?

You are creating a website for a purpose. It may be to sell directly, generate leads, or disseminate information. Does the outline you've created make it easy for your visitors to take the actions you want them to take? Are their sensible navigation paths through the site? You'll never be sure until the site goes live and you begin to analyze the traffic patterns.

Is there a clear path through the site regardless of the entry page?

The main goal of keyword marketing and search engine optimization is to increase the number of desirable actions taken on your site (sales, registrations, leads, or page views). One likely result of a successful keyword marketing campaign will be large number of search engine referrals to internal pages of your site. Does the wire frame you created present easy paths through the site regardless of the point of entry?

If you've come this far, you've read the introduction to keyword marketing, developed a keyword strategy, researched keywords, and now have an outline for the structure of your website. You are now ready to start creating the content of your site. The online copywriting section will help you with that and the keyword optimization section will help you optimize your content and alert you to the specific page elements you'll need to pay attention to.


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