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Use Keyword Rich Copy to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Copy. It's the key to attracting more website visitors, increasing return visits, generating incoming links, increasing search engine traffic and generating more sales from your website. The copy on your site needs to supply the information your visitors need to make purchase decisions. Along with other web page elements, the visible copy on your site determines where search engines like Google put your site in the rankings.

This isn't a magazine ad

Unlike offline marketing copy, the words you use to communicate with your visitors online need to include the keywords and phrases your audience uses to express their needs and wants for your products and services. Everyone turns to search engines to find new websites. If you want your audience to find your site when they search, keywords in your copy are vital.

But you still need headers

Headings or headers are usually large text at the top of a web page that provide a snapshot summary of the contents of the page. Search engines look at headings and place more emphasis on those so your primary keyword phrase should be placed in a header.

Get your keywords in early

When creating the text that makes up the meat of your web pages you should attempt to include your most important keywords in the first 15 - 20 words of the copy. If it makes sense and enhances your web page, link text in the body of the page can help to improve search engine rankings as well, particularly if it appears in the first or second sentence on the page.

Aside from the first paragraph, try to work your primary keywords in a few times throughout the rest of the text on the page. Make sure the page is still tantalizing to human eyes but make a conscious effort to use keyword throughout.

Wrap up with keywords

Towards the end of the page, in the final paragraph for example, try to include your keywords once again (and in another text link if possible). By using keywords throughout the page, you help to establish an overall theme for the page and improve relevancy for whatever phrase it is you want to target.

Don't forget about pay per click landing pages

Keywords are equally important when creating landing pages for pay per click advertising campaign, not to generate rankings, but simply to give your visitors reassurance they have landed on a relevant page. For more information see the article on creating landing pages for pay per click campaigns.

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