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Pay Per Click Advertising on MSN Through the Overture Program

The only way for most business to utilize pay per click search engine advertising on MSN is via Overture.

Previously, advertising on MSN in the search results could be accomplished through LookSmart For between $0.15 and $.025 per click you could get listed in the first set of "organic" search results on MSN through LookSmart.

MSN is currently in the process of launching their own search engine.

While they've been blowing smoke for more than a year, it may actually launch in the next 6-12 months. When it does, there will probably be new opportunities for search engine advertising on MSN. Currently, MSN uses a stale Inktomi database (owned by Yahoo!) that Yahoo! doesn't even use.

MSN just stopped using the Site Match Xchange paid inclusion program offered by Yahoo!

First AskJeeves discontinued their paid inclusion program because it was deemed detrimental to relevancy, then MSN removed the paid inclusion listings from its own database. As a result, the only way to advertise on MSN on a pay per click basis without spending a fortune is through Overture since the MSN/LookSmart relationship no longer exists.

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For a look back in time, read the old LookSmart article. We no longer reccomend using LookSmart for anything. Ever sinc ethe relationship with MSN ended, the quality of traffic seems to have decreased substantially.

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