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AIM (Association of Interactive Marketing) Search Engine Marketing Seminar Series

June 2, 2003

Run by Dr. Amanda Watlington, research director at iProspect and one of the premier search engine and keyword marketing experts in the world, the AIM Search Engine Marketing seminar series will help you gain a complete understanding of how both organic and paid search engine marketing programs fit into your online marketing campaigns.

Topics covered include:

  • Defining search engine marketing
  • Recognizing and adapting to constant changes in the search landscape
  • Identifying what engines to target
  • Evolution of search engine marketing - from meta tags and obscurity to big budgets and a serious marketing discipline
  • Aligning your goals and achieving success - addressing the 4 critical "stakeholders"
  • Keyword selection - how should you determine keywords?
  • Technical barriers to search engine visibility
  • Linking strategies to increase Google PageRank™, search engine rankings, and non-search engine referral traffic.
  • Budgeting for search engine marketing

This is one search engine marketing seminar you must attend!

If you're charged with the task of search engine marketing in your organization, Dr. Watlington's seminar is one you can't afford to miss. Attendees are actively encouraged to participate in interactive sessions, ask questions and work together to enhance their understanding of all facets of search engine marketing and all it entails. Tickets for the daylong conference cost about $500.00. Discounts are offered for members of AIM (The Association of Interactive Marketing), a professional Internet marketing association well worth joining. AIM also has a special search engine marketing council well worth joining.

Attendees at the May 2003 seminar included small and large companies including SAP, Jennifer Mangelli from Discmakers.com, and search engine marketers Adam Jewell and Kelly Kvitka from NetPlus Marketing, Inc., an interactive online marketing agency based in Conshohocken, PA

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