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You saw the Biggest Loser TV Show and the amazing weight loss achieved by the contestants. Now you can take advantage of the same diet, exercise and fitness program they used to lose up to 137 lbs. Use the links below to visit The Biggest Loser website, explore your options and signup for NBC's Biggest Loser Diet Club and start losing weight and getting healthy today!
  • Try The Biggest Loser Diet - Try the customized diet program developed by the shows nutrition and fitness experts. You saw bow much the biggest losers lost, imagine what you could do on this diet!
  • The Biggest Loser Matt - See how he lost an amazing 157 lbs on the show and how you can get on the path to losing as much weight as you want with diet and exercise!
  • NBC's Biggest Loser Diet Club Try the same diet and fitness program used by the contestants on the Biggest Loser television show! If they can do it, you can too!
  • The Biggest Loser - Suzy - See how Suzy lost 95 lbs and how you can start looking and feeling better today with this diet and exercise program!
  • Lose Weight With The Biggest Loser Diet - You saw the amazing result on the top-rated TV show, signup today and see if you can achieve similar results over the next year!
  • See How You Can Take Advantage of The Biggest Loser Diet - See all the details, read the success stories and see how the Biggest Loser Club diet can work for you!

Biggest Loser Diet Club  Sign Up Now

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