You know learning foreign languages can be a tremendous asset in your career and can help you enjoy overseas travel and make it much easier to get along in a foreign country. When you want to learn Spanish, French, German or Latin online, Power Glide Language Learning Systems can help you tremendously! Whether you want to learn languages yourself or you want tot help your children learn foreign languages, you can signup for the appropriate elementary, middle or high school level online course for your needs or the needs of you child. Typical pricing can be around $199 for 180 Spanish lessons with an optional Spanish teacher support option for an additional $250 for the course. Prices will vary by language course duration and options chosen. Use the links below to choose the appropriate language learning course for you or your child and start learning a new language today!
  • Learn How to Speak Spanish With Power Glide Online Language Learning - More than 322 million people speak Spanish and it is a primary language in more than 25 countries. Signup for a Spanish language class today and start learning phrases, grammar, vocabulary and culture today!
  • Learn German With Power Glide Today - German is spoken by more than 100 million people world-wide! It's the official language of 5 countries and a number of provinces. Start learning today and enjoy your European vacation much more when you can speak the local language!
  • Learn Latin With Power Glide Language Courses - While there are no native latin speakers, many languages were derived from Latin and learning Latin can help to learn other languages and understand the original meaning of many words in modern languages. Try a Latin course today and get a better understanding of the roots of various languages!
  • Use Power Glide Online Learning Systems to Learn French - Join more than 128 million people that speak French around the world and improve your communication skills in the 33 French speaking countries around the world. Click on the link above and register for the French class appropriate for your needs today!
  • Learn German Fast With Power Glide Language Courses - Get up to speed fast with Power Glide German courses. Signup today and start learning German quickly and easily!
  • Learn Spanish With the Power Glide Online Learning System Today - If you only learn one non-English language, Spanish may be the most valuable language to learn. Millions of Spanish speakers are in the US and millions more around the world. Choose the appropriate level for your needs to day and start learning now!

Learn Spanish Fast!

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