Visit AutoTap at for OBDII Software Scanner Diagnostics Tools and troubleshoot your own car problems now!

Whether you've got a fleet of cars, you drive a big rig, or are simply and auto enthusiast, OBDII Software and diagnostics tools can empower you to troubleshoot your own engine(s) perform diagnostic tests and more. AutoTap offers PC based diagnostic software that enables you to evaluate hundreds of real time sensors, log your data and read and clear EPA mandated parameters. With the FlashScan tool you can customize hundreds of setting to get the most horsepower out of you engine. Visit the AutoTap site now, check out the software and diagnostics tools compatible with your car and place your order today!
  • Buy An AutoTap OBDII Diagnostic Scanner - Get the scanner that will empower you to do your own diagnostics. It's PC compatible, you can setup your own custom dashboard and even read and clear EPA mandated parameters.
  • Pass your EPA test the first time! - Use the AutoTap v1.0 reader to turn off your check engine light, clear and read hundreds of diagnostic codes and test as many as 11 EPA mandated systems.
  • Buy a FlashScan Custom Tuner - Get more towing horse power, read the entire contents of your vehicles PCM and download it to your PC, easily visualize and view 3D maps that make it much easier to analyze trends. Order yours today and get to know your engine much better than you ever imagined!
  • Order at and get FREE shipping! - Not only will you get a great deal on awesome diagnostics tools when you order from AutoTap, you'll get free shipping and save even more.
  • Get to know your engine - - Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your engine, do diagnostics and download your data to your PC.
  • Fleet Management Solutions - Intelligent OBDII Gateway - Released in June 2006 & great solutions for your fleet! Order single units online or call for volume pricing today!

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